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About PCA

Party Club of America's members are independently-owned party stores; not national chains. Why should you support a local, independent retailer?  Because:

  • Locally Owned Businesses return about 70% of each dollar to their community; in contrast, chain stores can contribute as little as 40% of their sales back to your community. 
  • When you support local, independent stores, you’re supporting people and services in your community, not distant corporations.
  • Independent retailers know you. They know when the homecoming dance is; they know what the team colors are for the youth soccer teams; they know when the church picnic is. Why? Because they are your neighbors and friends.
  • Independent retailers know their products because they selected them to satisfy the members of their local community.
  • Independent Retailers are not more expensive. Because many small retailers now belong to buying groups, like Party Club of America, they have the buying power to compete on price with the chain stores. Moreover, unlike the chain stores, independent retailers do not siphon off your tax dollars through “development” subsidies.